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On Sunday, March 2, Read an eBook Week 2014 kicks-off internationally. It's a terrific time to celebrate your favorite authors in the digital age, and maybe even find some great new reads. Coincidentally, it also marks the second week since CONVERGENCE went live in all the major market etailers!. You can find CONVERGENCE pretty easily for $3.99 for the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo e-readers, tablets, and apps. Additionally, my new eBook is also 73% cheaper than the forthcoming paperback edition, so go give it a shot, save some money, and, if you're so inclined, post a review. You can even join me on Goodreads now, too.

For you fellow Kindle owners out there, we're also in a brand new month, which means new additions to the Kindle First program and the ability to borrow one more title through the Lending Library. In February, I borrowed Barry Eisler's latest John Rain thriller, GRAVEYARD OF MEMORIES, and highly recommend it. If you're new to the series, it's an excellent place to start, and if you're a long time fan of Eisler like I am, there is a hell of a lot to appreciate with this prequel story. I'm not sure what I want to borrow in March, but am thinking I need to start a list of potential reads to work through.

I was really happy to see Ania Ahlborn's new horror title, THE BIRD EATER, among this round of Kindle First selections. I'd heard about this book a short while ago, and thought it sounded absolutely phenomenal, and had been keeping my fingers crossed that it may pop up on the First page. Downloading this one was a no-brainer. Ahlborn has been on my watch-list for a while, and this looks like an excellent time to not only discover a new-to-me author, but to do so with her new release. It helps, too, that I am craving a serious horror read and it sounds like this work will deliver in spades.

One last recommendation - if you're looking for another terrific author with a phenomenal new release, I would highly suggest you check out Daniel Price's epic sci-fi parallel worlds superhero story, THE FLIGHT OF THE SILVERS. For such a thick book, the pages fly right on by and it's a story that I found to be engrossing from the very first page. It's the first chapter in a new series, and it. is. awesome. Jump on board with this one. I've been following Price on twitter, and from the small teases he's been dropping about the second forthcoming book, it promises to be a series that keeps on getting better and better.

What's on your reading list? Which titles are you picking up to celebrate Read an eBook Week? Sound off below!

Michael Patrick Hicks

Michael Patrick Hicks is the author of the science fiction novels Convergence, an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2013 Quarter-Finalist, and Emergence. His work has appeared in several anthologies, and he has written for the websites Graphic Novel Reporter and Audiobook Reviewer. In between compulsively buying books and adding titles that he does not have time for to his Netflix queue, he is hard at work on his next story.

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