Review: Apocalypse Weird: Genesis (The White Dragon, Book One) by Stefan Bolz

AW-GenesisAbout Genesis

This is the story of the very beginning of an apocalyptic event as seen through the eyes of an eighteen-year-old girl. Nothing could have prepared her for what is about to happen and she has to face some seriously tough stuff before the end.

During the thirty-six hours of terror that turn Kasey Byrne's life upside down and strip her of everything dear to her, something inside her awakens. It is gift and curse alike for it can destroy her or turn her into the most powerful weapon against the evil that has reached the shores of our world.

About the Author

I remember back in Germany, I must have been around twelve years old when I began to read, or, better, devour, weekly 66-page novellas about ghost hunters, paranormal phenomenons, demons and vampires. I’d buy one on a Friday from my allowance (the other part of it went to seeing Kung Fu movies) and then would read it on Saturday morning before getting up. Later on, during my mid to late teens, came Alistair MacLean and Robert Ludlum who made me dream about becoming an international spy or a double agent. “Where Eagles Dare” or “The Matarese Circle” captured my imagination and I traveled with my heroes to all the exotic locations around the world, with danger lurking at every turn. It was then, at the age of seventeen, when I first realized that I wanted to write. It took me twenty years to actually start doing it and another ten before I wrote my first novel. Never give up.

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My Thoughts

[Note: I received an ARC from the Apocalypse Weird crew for review.]

One of the things I've enjoyed most about the Apocalypse Weird bookverse is that it has been a wonderful gateway to a lot of new authors I might not have otherwise found. Nick Cole and Michael Bunker are pretty well known names, but it's been a real treat discovering writers like Chris Pourteau, Jennifer Ellis, Kim Wells, and Forbes West, among others. The latest to join the AW roster is Stefan Bolz, with Genesis.

Right from the start, Bolz had me deeply invested in his primary character, Kasey Byrne, who we meet as a child with a rebellious streak. There's a terrific bit of insight into Kasey's young mindset that quickly brings us up to speed on who this girl is in a very short span. When her 18-year-old self takes the reins, I was already deeply invested and quite attached to Kasey and her role in the constantly-building apocalypse.

So far, each of the AW writer's have been able to put a suitable spin on each of their regional catastrophes, going bonkers with time travel, alien invasions, demonic motorcycle clubs, zombie bears, the mysterious and clearly crazy Dr. Midnite, and more. Bolz adds to the mix a New Jersey gone insane with mass suicides, a cool spin on the demonic motorcycle riders -- dubbed here as Blood Riders -- and a nasty shape shifter.

Stefan takes the intriguing route of filtering his story through a young adult fantasy tale, the climax of which will no doubt have readers clamoring for book two. The White Dragon itself becomes an intriguing component of the finale, and promises to have a much grander role as this particular series progresses. And Kasey's overarching role in the apocalypse writ-large, and the developing myth-arc shaping up in the background in each of these books, promises to be epic. There is a definite sense of the Hero's Journey in Kasey Byrne's life, and I'm very eager to see it take shape.

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