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Wallpaper Contest: Time To Vote! « terribleminds: chuck wendig. Chuck Wendig is running a cool little contest to pick a winner for some terribleminds-inspired wallpaper graphics.

This one is Chuck's personal favorite, and mine too, incidentally. It's designed by Rebekeh Turner and is just absolutely terrific. I love it badly and I totally plan on saving and sharing this far and wide (with proper credit given and due, of course!), and you can view the full-size version here.

For the full list of contenders, hit up Wendig's blog and cast your vote over there.

If your curious, I voted for #3, but #5 really caught my eye, too. It's a tough decision, but I really like the simplistic minimalism of #3. But, #5 has a cup of coffee and some sage advice. This was a very difficult ballot to cast...

The gallery of artist's submissions is on Flickr.

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