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Today's post is just a bit of quick catching-up to share some news regarding my writing that I've been late in sharing.

A few weeks ago, I was a guest of Adrian Shotbolt's Behind The Book Storytellers: Episode 13, discussing Revolver. You can also check out Adrian's review of Revolver.

Bonus points: Adrian also reviewed my Extinction Cycle novellaFrom the Ashes. This novella was my first time writing in another author's world, and my first experience with Kindle Worlds. I was a bit nervous stepping into the fandom surrounding the USA Best-selling author that is Nicholas Sansbury Smith. Thankfully, his fans have been pretty kind and appear to be enjoying my story, with the majority of reviewers rewarding it with four and five stars, with lots of praise going toward the action and rapid-fire pacing. Here's a small sampling of what readers have been saying:

"I have read the Extinction Cycle series and this is an exciting..nay, outstanding...addition. The hope is palpable, as is the sense of devastation and at times I felt like crying as I read. The characters are top notch, the action is thrilling and the descriptions are stomach-turning. Great attention to detail too.
It's a darn good author who can enter another's world and the reader forgets that it's a different writer." - PJ Leah

"Holy wowzers.

I started reading Nicholas Sansbury Smith's Extinction Cycle series, when he was putting out book #3, Extinction Age. Nick's writing just grabbed me and sucked me in. While reading this story by Michael Patrick Hicks, I kept forgetting who I was reading! Michael does an outstanding job of placing us right back into the fray, and drawing you into the story with the action. And just like Nick, Michael doesn't pull any punches, he gives it to us real and gritty. Michael is an author to watch, and I look forward to seeing what will come next!" - A.Meyers

Also on the review front is some fresh praise for my short horror story, ConsumptionI originally published this story back in 2014, but it's recently gotten a fresh lease on life thanks to Daniel Arthur Smith and his Tales from the Canyons of the Damned series. Daniel reprinted Consumption for his Halloween issue, and recently collected it in the second omnibus edition. Hot off the presses comes this review of the omnibus from Chris Fried, writing for The Leighgendarium, noting:

This tale revels in its gustatory sensations that are a feast for readers and their five senses. It also has a central mystery that suspensefully builds the tension and culminates into a shocking and disturbing conclusion that dropped my jaw in awe at its majesty and power.

Fine words, indeed.

You can find all these titles at Amazon.

Michael Patrick Hicks

Michael Patrick Hicks is the author of the science fiction novels Convergence, an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2013 Quarter-Finalist, and Emergence. His work has appeared in several anthologies, and he has written for the websites Graphic Novel Reporter and Audiobook Reviewer. In between compulsively buying books and adding titles that he does not have time for to his Netflix queue, he is hard at work on his next story.

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