Review: Fury of the Orcas by Hunter Shea

Fury Of The Orcas
By Hunter Shea
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

All across the world, killer whales are suddenly going berserk. In marine parks and aquariums, orcas are leaping out their pools and tearing apart their trainers. In the Atlantic, pods are attacking ships with cunning, predatory ruthlessness. Orca trainers Chet and Rosario (who are also romantically involved) are thrust into the middle of it all, and are bound and determined to get to the bottom of why these orcas are freaking out in such meticulous and coordinated ways.

Their race against time takes them on a globe-hopping whirlwind of violence peppered with a heady dose of conspiracy. Hunter Shea packs in a fair deal of plot points in only 150 pages, taking a bonkers idea and complicating it even further with some X-Files-like shenanigans. As with his previous sea-terror novel, Megalodon In Paradise, Shea ties in some of these elements with his ghost shark novel, They Rise. I still haven't read They Rise, but the gist of it is laid out well enough here that newcomers shouldn't feel too lost in the weeds.

As is typical of Shea, the horror elements are well done and frenetically paced. When it comes to high-octane, pulp-styled, B-rated creature features, few do it as consistently well as Hunter Shea. You can count on this author to deliver whacky stories rife with mayhem and loads of fun. For pure entertainment value, Shea's a tough one to beat. Now that I've sank my teeth into a couple of his Severed Press aquatic horror themed books, and with They Rise moving up the Kindle docket a few more notches, I'm digging this unofficial series that particular book kicked off. And given how Fury of the Orcas ends, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for at least one more wonderfully cataclysmic entry.

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