Review: PIG by Craig Saunders and Edward Lorn

Pig: A Tale of Survival Horror
By Craig Saunders, Edward Lorn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A botched burglary, kidnapping, a crazed pig mask-wearing killer, and a strange creature that has washed upon the shore of Pointvilla - what more can you ask for? PIG is an engaging horror thriller with its shifting focus on crime and creature features, with a heady dose of altered states mixed in for some flavor, written by two authors I've come to enjoy quite a bit these last few years.

While I've read more of Saunders' work than Lorn's, it's interesting to see how well their writing styles merge here. It doesn't always feel smooth, and the writing was a bit choppy for my American eyes, but that's OK. Lorn is a stateside author, while Saunders is across the pond somewhere in the UK. It's ultimately a successful transatlantic partnership though, with only a few, mild hiccups here and there in terms of sentence structure and word choice.

As for the story itself, well, it's pretty dang good. I'm a sucker for monster horror like this, and the Mind delivers as a chillingly infectious scare. Crazies wearing animal masks is a pretty well worn trope, but Pig and Gopher never break character by taking off their masks, and the effects of the Mind make Pig's disguise all the more effective, with my mind's eye conjuring up a heck of a visual.

Saunders and Lorn have put together a fun little romp with this one, pitting robbers, potheads, and killers against not only each other, but a vast-reaching Invasion of the Body Snatchers-like alien menace. I dug it!

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