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Liam is a horror movie aficionado, particularly of those titles from Bone Saw Studios and director Clive Sherman. Liam is also a bit of a down-on-his-luck loser - a film student dropout pining over his ex-girlfriend, recently fired from his job as a video store clerk, and bullied by his pot-dealing best friend's girlfriend. His luck may be on the upswing though after meeting the pierced and dreadlocked beauty, Michelle, waiting tables at the local diner and learning that his Hollywood idol, Clive, is directing a new film in town. Yep, things are looking up...except...How does Clive get those special effects to look so real? And what's up with that giant, insane pigman creature roaming around Bass Falls killing and eating people?

If you follow Patrick Lacey on social media, you'll know immediately this dude is a horror fan. His affectation for the genre bleeds through Bone Saw, and this story is a pulpy work of 1980s-styled, B-grade, gorehound fun. The story of Pigfoot, in both his cinematic and present-day Bass Falls murdering machine incarnation, is entertaining and properly gory. Lacey sets the stage, as it were, right in Bone Saw's opening chapter, and keeps the pace smooth and steady the rest of the way through. He sprightly maneuvers his way through various points of view, letting us spend plenty of time with Liam, Clive, Michelle, and Briggs, a private eye working on tracking down Michelle while perpetually chugging down Robitussin, as well as plenty of Pigfoot kills. Lots and lots of Pigfoot kills.

Given Bone Saw's story of a horror movie turned real, there's a particular focus on gore. Lacey wracks up quite a bloody body count in this one, and the last half of the book generates some grand, large scale moments of mayhem fit for the big-screen. With all the bodies getting chomped on and ripped apart, the chaos descending upon Bass Falls certainly helps redefine the term tourist trap. The good news is, Amity Island should be seeing a resurgence in out of town visitors after all this is over...

Bone Saw is not high-brow horror, nor is it an overly serious work intent on studying the state of mankind through the reflective mirror of themes and social commentary. Nor need it; after all, aren't we all, to some degree or another, a Pigfoot of our making? What Bone Saw is, however, is a tremendous amount of gory, splattery fun, and Liam and Michelle, and their burgeoning romance amidst all the carnage, as well as Lacey's own infectious enthusiasm for horror as filtered through Liam, give the book an extra bit of charm. Lacey's latest arrives just in time for beach-reading season, perfectly timed for you chill out with, maybe in a small-town coastal tourist trap, with a cooler full of icy beers beside you.

[Note: I received an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.]

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