Review: The Beast of Brenton Woods by Jackson R. Thomas

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The Beast of Brenton Woods
By Jackson Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There's something in the woods - white furred and enormous, with an insatiable appetite for violence...and revenge. The beast of Brenton Woods has a score to settle, and lots of blood to spill. Standing in its way, though, is an adolescent boy, his mother, and a local deputy, each of whom are ensnared in the search for this monster, and who are intent on uncovering its secrets, and possibly hiding a few of their own.

Jackson R. Thomas has crafted a really fun debut with The Beast of Brenton Woods, one with enough mystery to leave a few lingering questions that lead me to suspect we'll be seeing a sequel soon enough. Frankly, I wouldn't mind a return trip to Brenton Woods and seeing how the threads of this particular story can continue to unravel.

I quite enjoyed Ben, the thirteen-year-old at the heart of this book, and Deputy Kathy Wilcox, a tough gal who has little trouble asserting her dominance when needed. Equally enjoyable was Thomas's attention to carnage. Once The Beast of Brenton Woods gets going, this book becomes down right unputdownable, and blood splashes across the page. If you like your werewolves violent, and with not a whiff of paranormal shapeshifter romance to be found, Thomas should satisfy nicely. This is authentic werewolf horror, chockablock with mutilated corpses, and plenty of silver bullet-driven action.

The Beast of Brenton Woods is a blistering read of werewolf horror, one that chugs along at lightning speed and will leave you howling at the moon for more.

Note: The Beast of Brenton Woods is published by Alien Agenda Publishing, the publishing imprint of horror author Glenn Rolfe, which, as it turns out, makes for pretty companionable bedfellows. There's a certain aspect to Thomas's writing and storytelling that reminded me quite a lot of Rolfe's own work, and Glenn's readers should feel quite at home with this new author's debut. Glenn provided me with an advanced, uncorrected copy of this book, so many thanks to him.

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