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Release date: Oct. 20, 2016

Out of Print

In an effort to contain the spread of the Hemorrhage Virus, the United States government launched an attack on its nation's cities. Hundreds of thousands of lives, and a number of major cities, were lost in Operation Reaper but the monsters created by the bioengineered virus remained.

A small team of Army Rangers have entered the ruins of Detroit in an effort to save whatever refugees they can, and stop whatever creatures they encounter. In an all-or-nothing gambit, the Rangers will soon discover that in the heart of the Motor City, evil rises from the ashes.



"Brutal Apocalyptic Fiction At It's Best ... Think of 28 Days Later mashing up with Black Hawk Down.  A freight train of action from beginning to end." - Brian's Book Blog

"[Hicks's] attention to detail, especially with regard to weaponry and tactical manoeuvres is first class and he clearly has a passion for this type of writing. ... fans of military sci-fi/horror shouldn't hesitate in picking this up." - Adrian Shotbolt, The Grim Reader

"From the Ashes is a fast-paced, quick read that vibrates with tension and I'd highly recommend it to sci-fi/thriller fans." - Teri Polen, author of Sarah

"I was hooked....The pacing of the book doesn’t give you any breaks from the action. The monsters, or what becomes of those infected, is horrible and awesome at the same time. No one gets away clean, the survivors and military suffer at every turn and I was on edge until the last sentence." - David Spell, The Scary Reviews