Q. Will there be any more DRMR novels?

A. I think so, eventually. I do have some ideas for a third book, but nothing concrete enough to properly develop just yet. That said, the first two novels, Convergence and Emergence, tell a complete story on their own. 

Q. When will your Extinction Cycle novella be available in other formats and countries outside the USA?

A. A lot of readers have been asking about print and audiobook editions, but unfortunately this is out of my control, as is the distribution platform. From the Ashes is a Kindle Worlds title set in the world of Nicholas Sansbury Smith's Extinction Cycle series. Due to licensing agreements, this particular title is available exclusively to Amazon in ebook format only, and Kindle Worlds titles are available only to US Amazon customers at this time.

Q. How did you get involved in writing an Extinction Cycle book?

A. This one's easy! Nicholas Sansbury Smith asked me if I was interested. Like thousands of other readers out there, I'm a big fan of his series. We began corresponding a few years back and he's enjoyed my writing enough to think I could provide a solid story for the launch of the Kindle Worlds segment of his series. Saying yes was really a no-brainer.

Q. Will there be more Extinction Cycle Kindle Worlds stories from you?

A. I have no plans at this time. 

Q. What are you working on now, then?

A. Answering these questions.

Q. [sigh.] That's not what I meant...

A. Oh, fine. Right now, I'm working on two short stories, one of which may be expanded into a novella. Hopefully both will be out in 2017. One is an ecological horror story, and the other is a cyberpunk sci-fi. I also have a short horror novel that I'm expecting to release in 2017 as well called Mass Hysteria, so keep an eye out for that.

Q. You have several stories that were published in anthologies. Will these ever get solo releases?

A. Yes! There are three short stories that were published in various anthologies and I plan on releasing them throughout 2017 if all goes well. These stories are Preservation, a stand-alone DRMR short story, which appeared in The Cyborg ChroniclesThe Marque, a post-apocalyptic cowboys vs. aliens short from Crime & Punishment, and Black Site, my Alien/H.P. Lovecraft clones story from CLONES: The AnthologyBut, if you don't feel like waiting, by all means pick up the anthologies - my work is surrounded by a lot of talented writers (and I do mean a lot.)

Q. You've been writing a lot of horror lately.

A. That's not really a question, but it is an accurate statement. After I released Convergence, I wanted to do something radically different before jumping into its sequel, Emergence, something that would be a palate cleanser of sorts. The result of that was the short story, Consumption, which isn't really much of a palate cleanser at all... 

I've been a horror reader for a quite awhile, and I enjoy writing horror. And, honestly, as much as I enjoy sci-fi and writing science fiction, horror is more natural fit for me. Then again, Lucas Bale once told me I've always been writing horror, even when I'm writing science fiction. He's probably right about that. I think in some ways the two genres swirl around similar drains, and while science fiction doesn't always necessarily have a horror component it can still be downright horrifying, particularly in terms of its what-if scenarios. Horror may be more visceral and in your face about its intentions, but as a writer I see a lot of common ground between the two. 

It was never my intention to write in a single genre forever. As a reader, I've never read in only one particular genre, and as a writer I feel the need to experiment and play in those different genres. If you've read Convergence and Emergence, you'll notice that they straddle various genres at the same time, from mystery to action/adventure, with some small notes of horror. So, there's all kinds of influences in my work, and my stories straddle various genres. Hopefully enough to keep readers interested!